Zentangle with founders Maria & Rick Roberts

Zentangle with founders Maria & Rick Roberts


At the Zentangle booth, the art of mindful doodling using repetitive patterns, founders Maria & Rick Roberts were demonstrating how to make a quick Zentangle of your own. Using easy patterns with names like ladybugs, auras, seashell, and pickup sticks, I could clearly see why this style of drawing has spread like wildfire. When I introduced Zentangle to older students in my 4th and 5th grade art class they loved it, and now they ask for packets to look at while they free draw. To learn more about Rick, Maria and the art of Zentangle I highly recommend checking out Zentangle's official web site.

There are hundreds of patterns to choose from and thousands of possible combinations. The book I use most often is called Zentangle Basics by certified Zentangle teacher Suzanne McNeill. The detailed instructions help even the most right brained child succeed in making a complex work of art.

To make things easier Rick suggests keeping the paper small to prevent feeling overwhelmed. We were each given a small paper tile, a soft pencil, and a Sakura felt tip pen designed just for Zentangle.


To start draw 4 dots in the corner and connect them using any style line. Then break up the inside space using a "v" shape. Maria then instructed us on how to begin our ladybug pattern.


 Auras are lines that repeat the shape of the line below. Do this until you run out of space, but remember that white space is a Zentangler's friend.


Next we worked on a seashell pattern. Double up a curvy line in the next space.


Draw a circle in between the middle section of each curvy line.


Now attach a circle to that middle circle and fill in the "holes" left between the circles.


The pick up stick pattern was demonstrated by Rick who has a steady hand for straight lines. Maria's lines tend to have a slight curve at the end. Just draw a double line under the last line drawn.


Lastly, shade in gently using a soft pencil.


Maria and Rick Roberts holding up their joint Zentangle.

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