An Organized Art Room is a Happy Art Room

An Organized Art Room is a Happy Art Room

It’s not easy preparing supplies for 150 students of varying ages on a daily bases. Both the challenge and the answer are in the prep work. Like a chef, I like to have everything cut, measured and timed prior to cooking my meaty project. But with so many chefs in the kitchen figuring out the right plan of action is a personal discovery between you (the teacher) and your students.

On my quest to create the perfect classroom I dropped in on three Texas elementary art teachers from Katy ISD, Evangeline Royer, Scott Burris and Jason Maggetti. Each had great ideas on how to make fun bulletin boards,  how to have supplies at the ready, and the rules we need to make our art room feel like a messy, but organized, home.

 Ms. Royer's boards are colorful and informational

 Mr. Burris's accordion style presentation boards are easy to see and ready to use

 This supply rack makes getting supplies for little fingers a snap

 Tip: Academy's craw fish tray's make great organizers Another Tip: A little bit of water in a pail and sponge at each table makes cleaning up WAY easier

 Your local bookstore may donate a retired rack to help keep your own books in order

 Who doesn't love looking at an alpha-net. haha

 Mr. Maggetti's Rules

You can never have to many dollar store baskets

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